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How to set up push notifications / messages

Last Updated: May 14, 2018 10:37AM UTC
This article will show you:
  1. What push notifications are
  2. Push notification etiquette
  3. How to send a push notification
  4. How to let app users select which notifications they wish to receive
  5. How to send auto-push notifications when creating gaps

1. What are push notifications?

Push notifications are short messages that you can send to your app users if your app is on the Apple App Store and / or Google Play.  Push notifications are 100 characters in length, and appear directly on a mobile's home screen (just as a text message would), and are a great way to encourage users to open your app - and potentially make appointments.

Users of your app need to 'opt in' to receive push notifcations from you (they will be asked to opt in or opt out when they first open your app).  Once they have opted in, they can manage which particular push notifications they receive from within the app.

Below is an example of a push notification send by Emma Green Salon about their Summer Hair Event.


2.  Push notification etiquette

Push notifications are a great tool when used in the right way, but could result in a 'bad push' if the following are not adhered to:
  • Only push information that is useful for users of your app
  • Keep it brief - you only have 100 characters
  • Don't be sales-y: instead of saying '10% off facial treatments' say 'Check our latest promotion' or 'Special treats for April' 
  • Respect your app user's privacy and consider the timing of your push notifications - e.g. sending a push notification out just before midnight might be considered inappropriate (gappt allows you to schedule push notifications)
  • Don't over-do it: if you send too many push notifications, you risk annoying your audience and they could opt out of receiving any more notifications from you, or worse - delete your app.

3.  How to send a push notification

Step 1: Go to the main menu on the left, and under PUBLISH select Push Notifications (https://admin.gappt.com/admin/push)

Step 2: Click on NEW MESSAGE to bring up the push notification editing window.

Please note there is a maximum of 100 characters for a push message.



Step 3: Use the LIST DROP-DOWN MENU to select who you want to send the push notification to, and enter your message.  You have the option to link the notification to a particular page on your app (choose the relevant page under 'Open Screen' drop-down menu), so when an app user taps on the notification, that page will automatically open.  You also have the option to schedule when you want the notification to go out if you don't want it to go out immediately.

Step 4: press SEND.

4.  How to let app users select which notifications they wish to receive

gappt lets you create different subjects / topics that app users can subscribe to.  This way, a push notification is a means of delivering information they have requested from you, rather than you pushing something out that might not interest them.

Step 1: Go to Push notifications (https://admin.gappt.com/admin/push).

Step 2: Click Push topics.


Step 3: Click Add topic to bring up the editing window.

Step 4: Enter the title (e.g. Special Offers) and a description (e.g. 'Subscribe if you'd like us to up to date with our latest special offers').  Tick the 'SUBSCRIBED BY DEFAULT' box if you want your app users to be automatically subscribed to this topic when they initially opt in to receive push notifications.

Step 5: Press SAVE.

Whenever you create a new topic, a bell icon will appear in the top right corner of your app to alert app users that there is something new for them to subscribe to.


5. How to send auto-push notifications when creating gaps
gappt has made it possible for an automatic push notification to be send out when you publish a gap.  If you have more than one calendar (e.g. one for Beauty Treatments and another for Hair), you can create separate topics for these so that app users can subscribe to updates about gaps for only those treatments / services they are interested in.

Step 1: Go to push notifications (https://admin.gappt.com/admin/push).

Step 2: Click Push topics.

Step 3: Click New Topic to bring up the editing window.

Step 4: Enter the title (e.g. Lastminute Blow-dry) and a description (e.g. 'Subscribe if you'd like to hear about last-minute Blow-dry availability').

Step 5: From the Appointment page drop-down menu, select which appointment page you'd like this to be linked to.  This will bring up options on the earliest and latest times you want push notifications to go out.


Step 6: press SAVE.

When you create a gap, a push notification will automatically be sent out to those who have subscribed to it.  When they tap on the notification on their mobile, the appointment page with the gap will automatically open.


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